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  • ALEX - 30 MIN FLOW & TONE 2-17-21

    Equipment Needed: Mat, towel, light/medium set of weights.

    What to Expect: An efficient, balanced yoga sculpt workout that will leave you sweating and feeling strong.

  • ALEX - 45 MIN PURE FLOW 1-23-21

    Equipment Needed: Mat.

    What to Expect: In this 45 minute Vinyasa class, we will work on strengthening your lower body, especially your glutes.

  • ALEX - 30 MIN PURE FLOW 1-10-21

    Equipment Needed: Mat.

    What to expect: This 30 minute, lower body flow was designed to complement the lower body focused Sculpt. We work on lengthening and strengthening through your hips and hamstrings. No props are necessary, but a block might be nice.

  • ALEX - 30 MIN FLOW & TONE 1-5-21

    Air Date: 1/5/21

    Equipment Needed: Mat, towel, light weights (optional).

    What to Expect: In this class you can expect 30 minutes of work, focused on your lower body and little cool down at the end. Weights are optional, but 3s and 5s might be a nice addition to your practice!

  • ALEX - 30 MIN PURE FLOW 12-16-20

    Equipment Needed: Mat

    What to Expect: An energizing flow with twisting, bending and traditional yoga poses.

    Description: Vinyasa yoga which will leave you feeling connected, balanced and straight up stronger mentally and physically.



    Equipment Needed: Mat, towel and 1-2 sets of light weights.

    What to Expect: Opening sequences of yoga, followed by an arm series, lower body work, full body sculpt and abs.

    Flow & Tone Description: Vinyasa-based flow, combined with cardio and sculpting. You'll light up your metabolism...